How to Play & Practice

Basic Rules of Golf Croquet

Start of the Game:

  • Teams of two (doubles game – pair against pair)
  • Four coloured balls per game – one for each player
  • If two games are being played on the same lawn then different balls are used for the second game
  • Order of play is Blue, Red, Black & Yellow (Second colours – Green, Pink, Brown & White)
  • Team who wins the toss pays the Blue & Black, opponents play Red & Yellow (Second colours – Green & Brown, opponents Pink & White)
  • Play begins within a one yard arc from corner 4 with balls playing towards hoop 1 Blue topped hoop)

Aim of the Game

  • Each player takes turns to hit their ball towards each hoop in the sequence shown on the map
  • The first payer to hit their ball through the hoop wins that hoop for their team and places a peg on the hoop
  • As soon as a hoop has been won, all players take turns to hit their ball to the next hoop
  • Only one ball can win a hoop – each player is not required to put their ball through each hoop
  • The objective is to get through a hoop before the opponent does, the first team to win seven hoops wins the game


Basic strategies used to prevent the opponents winning the hoop before you do are:

  • Knock the opponents balls away
  • Put your ball between the opponent’s ball and the hoop
  • Protect your partner’s ball (from being hit away) if it is in a good position
  • Send your ball behind the hoop to be in a position to knock the opponents ball out of or away from the hoop
  • It is not necessary for a ball to go through a hoop in one shot, but an opponent is allowed to knock the ball out
  • If the ball is knocked through the hoop by an opponent, the team whose ball was knocked through wins the hoop